Tired of bash, python, ... scripts to manage your experiments? Experimaestro manager gives you a systematic way to write and run experiments where parameters varies. The goals of the experimaestro manager are to:

  • Decompose experiments into a set of tasks
  • Standardize the way to run experiments for easier reproduction of experimental results in computing science
  • Build a documentation for each task
  • Uses the scheduler to run jobs on various computational resources
  • Provide multiple ways to write task descriptions. Currently, JavaScript and Python are supported
  • Manage data produced by the tasks
  • Associate tags to ran tasks

Main concepts

The main concepts of the manager are:

  • All messages between tasks are Json objects. This is described in this document.
  • Tasks are the unit on which experiments are built, and correspond roughly to either the execution of a long process, or to a configuration task. Tasks can be composed in various ways to allow a compact representation of experimental plans. Tasks are described further this document
  • Computational resources, named connectors, define a set of computers - how can a file be stored, how can a command line be executed. More information can be found in this document.